Most common errors when applying for a loan

When Cream Bank entered the world of small loans at the beginning of the year, much changed. Today, you no longer need any papers to process your application. All you have to do is to have a smart phone with your application, take pictures of the bills or invoices you want to pay and send them. To speed up the loan approval process, avoid the 6 most common mistakes.


Up to USD 10,000 for postal money orders

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Cream Bank is the first loan that you can conveniently handle via mobile, without a single paper. It will provide you with up to USD 10,000 to pay for your bills and unexpected expenses. The loan is available whenever you need it. Once you have an application on your mobile, you just need to take a picture of the documents and apply.

You can arrange the loan within 3 minutes without verification calls. All you need is your proof of identity, postal order you want to pay, and receipts, such as your last bank statement. This can be handled on a train, cable car or café.



Speed ​​matters, be prepared

If your urgent post has an urgent postal order, balance or invoice that you must pay, but the payout is far away, the application Cream Bank is useful. You can just download it and be ready.

At the same time, we have 6 tips to avoid errors so that we can approve your application as quickly as possible.


Unreadable document

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Take care when you take a photo of an invoice / invoice for reimbursement on your mobile. Focus, make sure the image is legible and large enough.


Missing data

Verify that the document / invoice / postal order you wish to cash out has an identification, ie a name with an address.


Incomplete bank statement

Half-recorded listing

Before submitting your bank statement, you should first check that it has all the essentials: name, account number, income (wage, pension, etc.).


Half-recorded listing

When you upload your bank statement, it should be complete, not just one page. It often happens that the statement header is missing and then the name and account number are not visible.


Confirmation versus listing

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It is also a mistake to upload a receipt or a receipt instead of a receipt.


Disapproved installments

Cream Bank lends to pay documents, invoices, postal money orders and arrears (find out what we will lend you for). However, we cannot repay loans to banks or non-bank providers.